Maintenance schedules – There are a few parts and fluids on your vehicle that need changing periodically. The vehicle manufacturer has maintenance schedules for these items. Z Sport Automotive uses these schedules and OEM fluids to keep your car running great for a long time.

Lets look at some of these parts and fluids.

  • Coolant – Modern coolant is formulated for each manufacturers engines. Very important to use the correct coolant.
  • Spark Plugs – Spark plugs take alot of abuse! Change them at the correct time or your Ignition Coils can be overworked and fail.
  • Brake Fluid – Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water. We have lots of water in Washington! Change it often.
  • Air Filters – Its the air your engine breathes filter.
  • Cabin Filter -Its the air YOU breath! They need changing more often.
  • Transmission Fluid – Needs changing at least every 100,000 miles if not sooner on some vehicles.
  • Differential and Transfer case Fluids – Only use the OEM correct fluid, like Z Sport Automotive does.

Z Sport Automotive can help you maintain your vehicle for a long life. We can assist you in planning your routine maintenance schedules and costs.

We can determine your vehicles maintenance history if you dont know it. Ask us how at your next visit.
Z Sport Automotive will also remind you of important maintenance schedules coming up via mail. We keep track of that for you in our computer database.





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