Forced Induction

We are one of only a select few performance shops in Washington State that can professionally install a forced induction system on your vehicle. Whether its a turbo or supercharger kit we have you covered! Custom built motorsport-specific high-power engines for your street, track, and race car are our specialty.  Whether you’re trying to make the next race or going on a Sunday drive let us help make your dreams come true!

The proper method to convert a naturally-aspirated engine to forced induction typically involves the installation of low-compression forged pistons, properly clearanced rings, forged connecting rods, high quality ARP head studs and the years of experience, skill and knowledge our technicians bring to the table. We address other factors such as increased fuel delivery and increased air flow via the intake and exhaust systems which are essential to achieve the desired horsepower and torque increases forced induction can provide. 





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