How Often Should You Get Your Brakes Changed

Vehicle maintenance is important, and not just so that you don’t have more costly repairs later. Keeping your vehicle maintained is paramount to keeping you and your family safe. Among the systems you want to keep a close eye on is your brake system. 

The brake system is made up of many parts, but most of them do not ever need to be changed. For most vehicles, brake pads need to be changed periodically. Rotors need to be changed less frequently. As long as you make sure your brake pads are changed when they should be, you should not have any wear on your rotors. 

Depending on your vehicle, you may have changeable brake pads on the front of your vehicle, but brake shoes on the back end. In either case, these pads and shoes need to be changed out at the first sign of wear so that you don’t further damage your vehicle’s rotors and other systems.

As a general rule, brake pads have a lifespan of about 50,000 miles. Some vehicles may need to be changed sooner or later, depending on your exact make and model. It can also vary based on how you use your vehicle. If you mostly drive on the highway, your brakes are probably not used as much as a driver who is primarily in city traffic.

It is best to check your user manual for your vehicle to determine when your brakes need to be changed. If you’re unsure, here are some signs you need immediate brake service:

  • Soft brakes that are slow to respond
  • Squeaking, screeching, or grinding noises when you stop
  • A vibrating brake pedal 

All of these are signs that your brake pads are almost completely worn through. Once you start hearing grinding and your vehicle becomes harder to stop, you are out of time. Contact us right away to get your brakes changed and serviced.