Z Sport Automotive has a twenty-five-year international reputation for quality automotive performance modifications. We have built some of the most powerful street and track cars in the world.

We do performance modifications on most Asian, American and European vehicles, including tons of worldwide vintage vehicles!

Plus, we have some of the best Street Performance, Race Car, and Hot Rod guys in the industry, including Chuck Watts and Mike Larson.

Because of the nature of automotive performance work and the extended time it generally takes to accomplish the work, loaner cars are not made available to our performance customers.

We are one of only a select few performance shops in Washington State that can professionally install a forced induction system on your vehicle. 

We have extensive knowledge that allows us to swap more powerful engines into your car. We’ve done many custom engine swaps, some common some not so common! What engine can we swap for you?

We can install all types of brake upgrades for your vehicle. Whether it’s a large, 6-piston caliper brake conversion upgrade or simple high-performance brake pads, we can help!

Naturally Aspirated Engine Builds

We also rebuild stock engines for you daily driver, either in house or through a high quality stock engine rebuilder we partner with. These fully rebuilt stock engines come with up to a 7 year 100000 mile warranty!


Coilover suspension is a sport upgrade to a vehicles suspension. Coilovers installed by Z Sport's skilled technicians allow a car to be lowered .5" to 3" or more! Lowering the car will lower its center of gravity allowing for improved handling. Aligning the vehicle after installing coilovers is crucial. Lowering a vehicle will cause the suspension geometry, camber and toe in, to change. This will cause tires to wear prematurely and can affect the handling of the car.
Every Z Sport coilover installation comes with:

  • Suspension and chassis inspection
  • Discussion about how low to set the vehicle and ride height adjustment
  • Alignment of vehicle.
  • Alignment of steering angle sensor as needed.
  • Test drive
Z Sport has 25+ years of experience in coilovers! Call Travis today to get your coilovers and go low!

header install

We install headers at Z Sport. Call Travis today to set up an appointment to get your headers installed.
Why do you need a professional technician from Z Sport to install your headers?

  • Let us handle the broken studs and rusty bolts.
  • Smoke test of headers and exhaust system for leaks.
  • Time savings
  • Lifetime warranty on craftmanship - all header nuts and bolts torqued!
  • The need for speed is only tempered by the need to be cheap. Don’t let that new build blow up because you didn’t know the gas you got was poor. The correct sensor gauges can help.

    Here at Z Sport Automotive we’ve completed hundreds of long term performance projects, here are just a few.





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