Get an inspection before you purchase a vehicle so that you can get the best deal and avoid unnecessary headaches

If your check engine light is on don’t delay and take your down down where our trained professionals can diagnose and solve the problem

Is your car vibrating, veers to the left or right, or tire tread is wearing unevenly?

Get an inspection before you purchase a vehicle so that you can get the best deal and avoid unnecessary headachesa

Battery Services

We use the best original equipment style battery on the market for your vehicle 

Charging System Services

When it comes to charging systems services, testing, and diagnostics, our certified auto technicians are Snohomish county’s experts

Electrical Control Unit (ECU)

We have trained professionals capable of taking on your vehicle’s needs including working with its electrical systems and its ECU

Whether you’ve got a noisy exhaust leak, a rusted-through exhaust pipe, a hole in your muffler, or a blown out exhaust gasket, the experts at Z Sport are here to help.

coilover brake install perfromance autoeverett wa
At Z Sport Automotive we believe the most important aspect of owning a vehicle is keeping it running with regular maintenance. We Provide many such services including:
  • Oil Changes
    • Oil​
    • Oil Filters
  • Fluids
    • Transmission
    • Power steering
    • Antifreeze
    • Window cleaner fluid
  • Tune-ups
    • Spark Plugs
    • Fuel Filter
    • Air Filter

More Services

Air Conditioning
A/C-certified technicians with all the right test and repair equipment

Alternators and Charging Systems
Full service with OEM parts

Axle and Hub
Replace or rebuild

Interstate and ACDelco batteries in stock

Including ABS service, we use all the right parts on any make and model

Clutch system repair and replacement
Only new, original parts installed in accordance with manufacturer’s specific instructions

Cooling System Repair and Service
Coolant system flushes, pressure testing, etc.

Cylinder Head
Repair or replace. Machine shop is on site at Everett, WA location

Differential and Driveline Repair and Replacement
Repair or replace with quality, rebuilt drive axles and drivelines

Distributor and Ignition Repair
Replace with new or re-manufactured distributor and test with proper equipment

Electrical Service
Complete chassis and engine electrical service. Repairs, rewires, and diagnostics are not a problem

Electronic Computer Controls
Engine management, fuel, and electrical management systems

Engine Repair or Replacement
We stock thousands of new and used engines and own the necessary rebuild facilities. With free towing and much more, we are the best in the business at engine repair and replacement!

Exhaust Systems
OEM equipment only. No weld-ins

Fuel Injection
State of the art diagnostics, testing, and repairs

Oil Change Service
Lube, oil, and filter. Along with oil changes comes a courtesy inspection and results with recommended services

Srity Systems Repair
For OEM systems only

Simple Repairs
Windows won’t roll up? Door handle inoperative? Turn signal light out? Nothing is too small or insignificant for our professional crew. We are here to help!

Suspension and steering
Shocks/struts, steering linkage, rack and pinion service, ball joints, tie rods, transverse links, power steering lines and pumps, etc.

Timing Belt and Chain
Replacements at great prices. Call for a quote on a timing belt/chain for your vehicle

Trailer Repair
Professional and fast. Brakes, Wheels and Wiring repair and installation on your trailer.

Service, repair, rebuild, or replace an automatic or manual transmission. 4WD and AWD service and repairs with transfer cases, differentials, and controls also available

Best in the business with all quality, original equipment parts

Turbocharging Systems
Repair and replacement. Full service including aftermarket installation.





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