What Is the Difference Between a Muscle Car and a Sports Car?

A lot of people use the terms muscle car and sports car interchangeably, but they are actually two very different things. While you’ll see sports cars all over the world on the roads, there is only one muscle car left on the market. Here is the difference between the two and why the Challenger is so unique.

The Definition of Muscle Car

The definition of muscle car is something that has been debated since the phrase was coined in the 70s. Some demand that it only refers to big fast cars in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, but others claim that the term can apply to cars that we can still see on the roads today. The generally accepted definition of muscle car is a two-door vehicle built solid and bulky, flashy, and with a V8 engine designed for speed and drag racing.


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Are American Cars Really American Made?

Once upon a time, nearly all Americans pushed to buy “Made in the USA” products. Even though you probably haven’t heard about this trend in a while, this desire is starting to make its way back into business strategies throughout the country. Manufacturers are working hard to bring jobs and parts back to our shores for a variety of reasons.

Most people realize that you can’t get a car completely made in America. Most cars and trucks are going to have at least a few parts that are manufactured elsewhere, so what does American mean? 

Made in America According to Public Survey

A survey done in 2013 found some interesting facts about what people think “Made in America” means. The study found that 3 in 5 people believe that items only receive that stamp of pride if all of their parts and labor were within the 50 states. In addition, one-third of those surveyed said that they believed a product must have all parts and assemblies within borders to be considered made by that country, even if it is not the U.S. 


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Top Domestic Sports Cars of 2020

Although the best sports cars are foreign made and extremely expensive, you can get an affordable sports car in Everett. Domestic sports cars may not be as fancy or high performance as imported cars, but they are much cheaper to purchase, insure, and maintain. Here are the top three domestic sports cars of 2020.

Ford Mustang

Is it really a surprise that this model is at the top of our list? The Ford Mustang has long been one of the most preferred sports cars on the market. The Mustang has gone through a lot of changes and updates over the years, but the 2020 model is a unique combination of newer and older models. This is a very good looking, popular, and high performance sports car.


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