4 Maintenance Points to Check Before Your Summer Road Trip

Are you planning a last minute summer road trip before the kids go back to school? Before you rush to get on the road, make sure that you hit these four maintenance points while you are still within reasonable distance of our repair shop.

Check your fluids.

Are any of your fluids low? Do any of them look dark, dirty, or otherwise discolored? If so, you should contact us right away to get your car in to be checked by one of our experienced automotive technicians. Minor issues like a small gasket leak or loose hose can be caught and repaired inexpensively, but they can become dangerous and expensive problems if you ignore them and hop on the interstate.


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How to Maintain Your Cooling System

How often do you think about the cooling system in your vehicle? Most people just take this function of their car for granted, but the cooling system is actually very important. The combustion of fuel and conversion of fuel to energy generates an enormous amount of heat. 

If the cooling system is in disrepair, that heat can damage or fuse parts, rendering your vehicle completely useless. If that happens, you will most likely be better off getting a different car than paying for repairs. Here’s what you can do to maintain your cooling system and lengthen the life of your car.


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Engine Maintenance That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Proper maintenance of your car is extremely important. Most vehicles are designed to last at least 200,000 miles, but they will only reach that if you take care of them. All of the systems of your car require some type of routine maintenance, even if it is only required every 50,000 miles.
It is important to make sure that you maintain your engine, because without it your car is not going anywhere. The engine is often the most expensive part of your car to have replaced or repaired, often costing thousands of dollars. To avoid these costly repairs, it is important to maintain your engine. Here’s how.

Timely Oil Changes

The oil in your car plays a very important role. The motor oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine so that they can move freely. Without the oil, the different parts of the engine can lock up, causing the car to seize and stop functioning. If you don’t change your oil on a regular basis, it will contribute to wear on the engine and your vehicle won’t last as long.


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How Often Should You Get Your Brakes Changed

Vehicle maintenance is important, and not just so that you don’t have more costly repairs later. Keeping your vehicle maintained is paramount to keeping you and your family safe. Among the systems you want to keep a close eye on is your brake system. 

The brake system is made up of many parts, but most of them do not ever need to be changed. For most vehicles, brake pads need to be changed periodically. Rotors need to be changed less frequently. As long as you make sure your brake pads are changed when they should be, you should not have any wear on your rotors. 


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